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Thursday 25 October 2012

Very cool story map from the IUCN Red List

A wonderful story map

Maps can help people tell a story in a far more convincing and compelling fashion than verse and prose alone. Seeing patterns, lines and shapes and how they relate to each adds an extra layer of information that cannot be easily done without a map.

I love Story Maps, and one very eye-catching one is from the IUCN Red List of endangered species.

Here is the link.

I found it very intuitive, visually pleasing and packed full of relevant and useful information. You can navigate either by selecting the endangered animals icon or through a pick list. The slide bar at the bottom allows you to filter based on the eight categories available ranging from 'Not Evaluated' to Extinct. Simple and easy to use. Hovering the mouse over any of the icons brings a simple tool-tip with a photo and name of the endangered animal. Click on the icon itself and an informative pop-out window with more information is presented including a link to the full assessment information held on the IUCN database. Useful information more or less at one's fingertips packaged up in a smooth and easy to use system.

You know what? I never knew that...

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  1. As it happens, I went to a seminar talk last week about making this site - I agree, it's very nicely done. And nice blog, thank you!