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Thursday 13 September 2012

Story telling with maps

Using maps to tell a story is something that is quite natural; whenever I describe either a story or an idea or discuss anything with a geographic content, I also try and use a diagram (via doodling) or fire up the web and grab a map.

Esri Inc has a nice site, that collects a bunch of narrative driven maps into one location. It's called storytelling maps and I think it is great idea. I love the story map about the titanic and her passengers.

While diving around the various websites is great fun, I did come across a rather sobering tale of when this journey and your identity is rudely interrupted. Here's the tale of someone who got hacked and lost most (if not all) of his virtual identity.

Naturally, I went over to Google and quickly initiated their two-factor security which has stopped my email client from working and other bits but oh well. Nothing like security. Am also reviewing my own household security and in the cold light of day, there are a few things that I now realise that I should change, immediately.

I know it's a balance between convenience and annoyance but right now, I am in the pull-up-the-drawbridge-type-of-thinking.

Also, am going to do a thorough audit of our own work's security, just to satisfy myself that it is indeed, as water-tight as can be.