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Thursday 19 June 2014

2014 - Esri UK User Conference


It has been under a week since the Esri UK 2014 user conference (and the Esri UK Company Event the day after) and I had meant to push this out earlier but wanted to add and tweak a few things. Also, the start of the little known event the '2014 World Cup' meant that I was a bit distracted. 

Here are my highlights and observations. These points (like this blog) are entirely my own and if you disagree, or want clarification - then please contact me. Also, follow me on @wai_ming_lee to  get random updates via twitter. 

This year, the event was a smashing success with over 1400 registered guests and a fair few turning up on the day who did not, the event was free, the weather grand and the location, absolutely top-notch.