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Saturday 19 March 2011

Esri Developer Summit 2011

I was lucky enough to attend the Esri Developer Summit 2011 between March 7 - 10th. This was held (as had all the other previous Dev Summits) in Palm Springs, California. Arriving a Los Angeles international after a 13-hour flight was tough but it was alleviated somewhat when a limousine  pulled in to take us the two-hours from LAX to Palm Springs.

Wish I went to this summit instead of the user conference. Very relevant and I had a chance to chat to some guys at Amazon Web Services (who were Gold Sponsors at the Summit) about various bits. All I can say is that the future looks bright and it looks like cloud services.

Microsoft was present the highlights include the presentation of the Kinect and ArcMap. Very nice.

Some useful presentations from the dev summit that I found very interesting include:

A Road Map for ArcGIS Server Developers

Advanced Map Caching Topics 

ArcGIS Server Performance and Scalability - Testing Methodologies 

ArcGIS Server Performance: Case Studies

Architecting ArcGIS Server to Scale

Best Practices for Designing Effective Map Services 

Working with Image Services 

All the above presentations had immediate relevancy in our work in creating and managing map caches.