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Tuesday 9 October 2012

ArcGIS Online Monthly Cost Calculator

The pricing for Esri's ArcGIS Online is now available here. ArcGIS Online has published it's monthly cost calculator here to help users estimate how much a set of services will cost them. ArcGIS online is a subscription service that allows customers to pay-as-you-go to access maps, services and applications. They are paid for using the Esri Service Credit, which I think it needs a currency symbol and the ISO4217 code - 'ESC' is free if anyone is interested. They are sold in blocks of 1000 credits and each unused credit expires after two years.  The price per Esri credit is dependent on the country the user is in and therefore pricing information is in the local currency.

Eventually, I can see one being able to use this currency to pay for the use of Esri software licenses and even stuff from Esri Press and their store!

That should be fun but we're still some distance from there.

From my own services and projects, it appears the estimating tool tells me that I need 38,290 esri credits (ESC) a year. Now where's the GBP to ESC converter?

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