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Monday 3 February 2014

2014 - more AWS and GIS and stuff

(AWS) Awesome sauce

Some awesome news from AWS to kick start 2014: the prices of EC2, EBS and S3 has dropped - some by as much as 50% (!) and there's a new general-purpose instance type called 'M3' to play around with.

We have already started to use the new m3 instances and we are impressed: the m3.xlarge is only a few cents more expensive than the older m1.xlarge but with twice the RAM and twice the vCPU count, as well as being generally faster, they are well worth the switch. No doubt the excellent price reduction, has come from keen price competition from the likes of Azure and Google which is great news for us customers! Long may it continue. Am sure the other players will respond and soon. 

Summits and conferences

I am also keeping a keen eye on the AWS Summits and there's one in London, in April 2014 so I am already booking time for this. I haven't been to one so this will be my first. Other summits and seminars that I want to keep an eye out for include Velocity 2014 (this time in Barcelona), the Esri European Dev Summit (in Berlin) and a few humanitarian/disaster response conferences, time permitting. The Esri UK Conference is Wednesday, 11th June 2014 - so that should be a must attend!

Finally, FOSDEM in a little over a week(at the time of writing). Not going to make this one but damn, it looks fun. 

Getting badged

Well certification is looming in 2014 for me; time to re-sharpen some existing skills and acquire some new ones. I am looking at the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Level as one potential and also going to a couple of Python and Ruby courses in for 2014 as well. 


OK, definitely this year need to look at some DevOps goodness and here's something that I am looking at right now, 'Booting Windows with Puppet':

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