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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Puzzle Maps?

Europe, but not quite as you know it...
This just caught me eye during my internet wanders and yes, it's another Esri Story Map but it came to me in a roundabout way. It illustrates very nicely how interactivity can really enhance a visually pleasing map. I love maps and quizzes and having both in one application is very cool.

Anyway, click on this link (or the image) and see if you can beat my time of 4minutes 28 seconds. It is harder than it looks! My last 20 odd seconds was spent trying to fit the missing shapes into all remaining countries!

This also caught my eye: http://hpc.vcea.net/ - old photographs from China, should be ripe for it to be geo-coded (as much as possible?) - so off to ArcGIS Online I go. Here's my first pass: http://bit.ly/VPTHiT

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