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Friday 23 November 2012

Windows 2012 now available in AWS

Windows 2012 AMIs now available under Amazon Web Services

Read it here.

This is very exciting and I will be using my micro instance allocation (free) to test it out; of course I am unsure whether Windows 2012 will even start up properly with so little resources but that's part of the test I think. Once this works, I will slap on all sorts of GIS related software and put it through its paces.

Yesterday, I went over to the Microsoft site to get a bit more information on Windows 2012 and for me the main takeaway points is that 2012 has cloud and virtualisation built into the software. I think one can 'burst' one's network into Microsoft Azure to take advantage of extra capacity on demand. This is quite cool and while possible with today's public/private cloud architectures, it isn't easy and requires configuration and expertise that is outside many organisation's capabilities.

New Relic, New Monitoring
A nice dashboard, but I removed the server names off it...

Meanwhile, I have been playing about with the real time application monitoring service from New Relic (www.newrelic.com) and I have to say, I am very impressed with the tools and dashboards available as well as the intuititve interface. Their support so far has been excellent too. Based on this, we are hopeful that their prices are reasonable and that I can get sign-off. It's got the thumbs up from our ops and developers; two groups that frequently have very different requirements.

We definitely like it!

I should get a t-shirt too.

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