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Wednesday 6 October 2010

Setting up wildcard SSL on the cloud - breaks the AMI

Setting up wildcard SSL on the cloud - breaks the AMI

Wildcard SSL are great: if you have a domain and you have multiple websites using 'A' records AND you want to enable HTTPS. A convenient way would be to purchase and install a wild card SSL instead of individual certificates per site. It also saves money too. Here's a good link on the GoDaddy site (where we have been buying our certificates) on WILDCARD SSL.

The instructions to install the SSL to your IIS7 webserver is here.

However, once you have installed AND bound the certificate to your website through using a wilcard SSL. There is a problem.
When you restart the instance, it never comes back if you have installed and bound a wilcard SSL certificate.

The only option is to terminate the AMI and hope you have an AMI that you can go back to and create a new instance.


1. You UNBIND the wildcard certificate prior to an instance restart. Maybe through a script.
2. You do NOT use Wildcard SSL certificates but opt for full domain SSL certificates.

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