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Monday 20 September 2010

Amazon Web Services has new tags

Keeping track of AMIs is a hassle. Who knows what is running on 'instance i-7bf88e0c'? With no descriptive fields to help us, we've gone to using a spreadsheet to keep track of all the instances and what is running on them. Some organisations use different security groups ('live-site', 'staging' etc) as a proxy. 

Well, it was with some delight that I discovered that tags were now available to each instance!

Now one can add custom information and have then displayed alongside the rather cryptic ones more commonly seen. As you can see below, I have created a new tag called 'Notes' which I attached something useful and less cryptic to each of the installed instances.

You can view tags you need to enable them in you show/hide column however. Just click on the show/hide column icon on the dash board and a pop-up window will allow you to show/hide columns.

Very useful and a life saver. 

Oh, this tagging extends to volumes as well. 


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